Vernasso Festival - 2019 Edition

Thursday, 8th August 

0800 p.m.  Opening "Vernasso 2019"
09.30 p.m. Live Facebook 
on the page "Festa di Vernasso"
10.00 p.m.  SWEET SUNDAY with the enterteinment of Karmine Emmedj

Friday, 9th August 

09.00 p.m. Dj Roger
09.30 p.m. Live of Pet&Son with the entertainment of Igor Pezzi
11.30 p.m. Music with Dj Luca Landi
09.30 p.m. GARDEN: Dj Dennij
10.30 p.m. GARDEN: live music with the "RASHTAG"

Saturday, 10th August  

09.00 a.m. Opening of SOCCER tournament
09.00 a.m. Opening of VOLLEYBALL tournament
08.00 p.m. Hip Hop show of  “Street brother’s & C
10.30.00 p.m.  TUTTI SOTTO IL PALCO(2nd Edition )of Igor Pezzi - Summer Company with Ricky Emme and live of Dance Mania
09.30 p.m. GARDEN: Dj PowerJ
10.30 p.m. GARDEN: live music with the ABSOLUTE5

Sunday, 11th August

09.00 a.m. The tournaments to be continued
09.30 a.m. Start "Easy Down"
10.00 a.m. River Trekking
10.00 a.m. Start of the race  MTB“Natison Bike ” Organized Nediske bike doline
01.00 p.m. Awards "Easy Down"
01.30 p.m Awards Natison Bike
04.00 p.m. River Trekking
4.00 p.m. Entertainment for children with the Magician Paul and the Kids Kingdom
7.00 p.m. Finals of Soccer and Volleyball tournaments
8.30 p.m. GARDEN Awards of SOCCER and VOLLEYBALL tournament
8.30 p.m. Dance with the Orchestra Rene
10.00 p.m. GARDEN: HOUSE PARTY special guest Tommy De Sica with the entertainment of Igor Pezzi

Monday, 12th August 

05.00 p.m Junior Volleybal Tournament "Volley in Erba" Under 12-13-14
06.15 p.m. Younger Footrace 800 meters
07.00 p.m. Adults Footrace 7.500 meters
8.00 p.m. Dance show with the "Club Diamante
09.00 p.m. Dance with "I 90" orchestra
10.00 p.m. GARDEN: Live music with "5 Uomini sulla cassa del morto"

Tuesday, 13th August 

05.00 p.m Junior Volleybal Tournament "Volley in Erba" Under 12-13-148.00 p.m. Exhibition of "Street Brothers"
08.00 p.m. Show of the dance school Diamante
09.00 p.m. Dance with the orchestra "Ilaria e I Senso Unico"
09.30 p.m. Dj Dennij
10.30 p.m. GARDEN: Live music with ABSOLUTE 5
11.30 p.m.  BINGO with jackpot of EUR 1.500€