The Festival of Vernasso

The Festival stands

Malecia Ranch

The largest stand at the festival. Here you can find a delicious barbecue with chicken, ribs, sausage, and cevapcici accompanied by polenta. But that's not all, there will also be French fries, frico, cheese, pizza, pasta, gubana, coffee, soft drinks, plenty of beer, and Collio wine. On Saturday and Sunday, breakfast will be available with coffee, cappuccino, hot milk, locally produced fruit juices, and freshly baked warm croissants!


Traditionally, it is still called the enoteca, although the stand has evolved. During the day, you can smell the aroma of mint being peeled for the kiosk's signature drink: the mojito. In addition to the mojito, you can also try a variety of cocktails. All you need to do is stop by the kiosk to discover them all.


The stand has changed its name to highlight its location near the Natisone River. It is one of the kiosks we are most fond of because it reflects the original site of the first festivals on the Natisone in Vernasso.

Historically, it has always been the coffee kiosk, also offering soft drinks, beer, wine, and iced tea. In recent years, we have added Zal and gin and tonics. All that’s left is for you to visit and enjoy the fresh breeze it offers.


It is the most popular kiosk among young people. Its secluded location makes it intimate and isolated from the rest, creating a party within the party. Live concerts are held from 10 PM. It is situated halfway between the playing fields in the upper area and the volleyball courts.

Sport stand

The first stand established on the fields has earned a place in all our hearts. Strategically located near the playing fields and one of the main mobility arteries, one of its most appreciated features is the excellent beer.

The latest stand born. It stands out for its elevated position on the hill overlooking the football and volleyball fields. The name is inspired by the mountain in the background. You can find radler beer, sandwiches, and potato chips.

Il Natisone

Framing the event is our river, the Natisone, a co-star of this wonderful celebration. The river originates in Prosennico, winds through the valley of the same name until it reaches the village of Vernasso. It then continues its journey, passing through Cividale and Manzano, and finally flows into the Torre River.


  • Large free parking with assistance from the Civil Protection staff of San Pietro Al Natisone 

  • Showers, medical assistance, and real-time results during tournaments

  •  Large covered tent 

  • Breakfasts with warm croissants

  •  Night surveillance

  •  Sanitary facilities 

  • 42 lighting points for the camping area


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