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Rules for camping guests

The main and only purpose of this regulation is to make aware camp guests to a civilized behavior in respect of the people and the environment.
  • Only campers authorized by our Infopoint are allowed to enter the camping
  • It’s allowed to camp only in the authorized area indicated on the map. Every tent mast use only the space strictly necessary in order to optimize the camping area.
  • The authorization will be issued after production of identity document of the person in charge of the tent and filing in the form with the list of persons present in tent. After registration will be issued a card identifying the tent. The card must be hang out outside the tent for any inspection by organization or security.
  • Camping stay implies the acceptance of the camping regulation. The management reserves the right to remove offenders of the camping regulation. Failure to know the rules can’t be supported as an excused.
  • It is allowed to camp from Thursday 4.00 p.m. to Monday 9 p.m.
  • Cars, motorbike and any other vehicle are not allowed to enter and stay in the camping area.
  • It’s forbidden to remove any equipment which is property or in use by the organization(tables, benches etc.).
  • It’s strictly forbidden to sell anything in the festival area(parking included).
  • Noise that could disturb other guests is prohibited between 2.00 a.m. and 9.00 a.m.. During these hours it is forbidden to sing and make music. Any musical equipment must also be turned off from 12:30 PM to 3:30 PM.
  • Any kind of fire or anything that a can develop fire is strictly forbidden in the camping area.
  • Any power unit whit an internal combustion engine ( even if with silencer) is strictly forbidden.
  • It is strictly forbidden to damage plants and polluting the soil.
  • It’s forbidden to consume any drink in glass containers (glasses, bottles etc.).
  • All garbage must be put in the bin liner supplied by the organization. Anything that can cause any arm to people such as glass or iron can not be release in the environment.
Failure to follow the rules implies the removal from the camping and the exclusion from the belonging tournament. The cultural association “Insieme per Vernasso” disclaims all responsibility(in the festivity area and in its parking area) for inconveniences to people or things, for lost or damaged items, as well as for theft. In case our guests find anything lost or forgotten by other guests, we shall be most grateful if they hand it over to our Management.
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